Tuesday, June 19, 2007

On the 6th of January this year, there was an unexplained fire in the den of my home. The fire burned the oak doorway trim around a connecting bathroom and a desk that held important papers and nothing else. The fire was put out before the fire department arrived, when they got here they checked to make sure the fire did not go in between the walls but the only area that shows where they checked was in a hole above the door way trim that was burned. It is strange that the hole was supposed to be in the wall and not the ceiling or that only two areas caught fire.
The police also came along and they were extremely nasty to me and my partner and for an unknown reason we were both threatened with arrest.
We were never at any time asked if we were ok or needed medical attention.
Later that day my partner left our house to stay with a relative over night and I decided to stay behind to make sure everything was ok, a few hours later I went into the den and the bathroom that is off the den to see if my medicine cabinet had been affected by the fire, which it had not been. I found a bottle of xanax that my doctor had prescribed for me and took 2 right away. The first thing that I thought of when I calmed down was a situation that had occurred two summers before where a neighbor came down to our home and started an argument with us she smashed a plate glass window and was arrested but later that day the local judge let her go. At midnight that same night the Judge somehow bypassed our answering machine and actually spoke VIA the telephone company operator and "demanded" our presence in his courtroom immediately. When we went he had a cop there and told us if we did not do as he said, we were going to have to "deal" with imprisonment. He told us to "keep our mouths shut about the neighbors" or else. He also added that not only was he a fireman for the local fire department but that he was also a "hazmat" technician and then said while he put his hand up into the air snapping his fingers "an old house like yours could go up into flames and burn down just like that".
I was very worried being alone after the fire. Because of the strong odor of smoke and the stuff that puts the fire out both my dog and myself were hacking and coughing. I decided to leave my home for my mothers and within 10 minutes of leaving my home I was stopped and falsely arrested for dui, I was berated, beaten and handcuffed so tightly that my hands above the wrists were blood red purple for 4 days after and I still have some numbness in them today.
I spent 7 days in jail, no one knew where I was. I could not get through to someone on my first 3 phone calls from the holding center and not until someone had figured out what happened to me did I get released on bail.
While I was in the holding center two sheriffs came into the area that I was in and pointed me out and within 1/2 hour every man (150) began to harass me, I was told repeatedly that when I come back after sentencing I would be killed, I was kicked, food trays were knocked out of my hands at every meal time, I was given many of the same tactics that are uses against me in street theater.
I am terrified to say the least, I go back for sentencing July 14, please all who pray and believe, pray for me for strength and courage.
I think it is important for everyone to know what kinds of things are being done to TI's and with me so that no one will forget any of us.
I pray for all of us everyday and that GOD will vindicate and allow us all to come out of this unharmed.


Anonymous said...

I too am a TI in Ky. I hear popping noises around my doors and windows and it sets off chemical poisons in my home. Possibly this is why it caught fire. I am being harassed 24/7 with poisons set off by RF or Microwaves as I walk thro my home and no one will listen. They knock me out every day and I ;sleep 17 to 19 hrs. so as not to be able to get out and tell anyone anymore! I will pray for us all. Sincerely..

TI from New York said...


thank you for your comment. I am very sorry that you are going through this, It is very frightening to say the least. I am going through the same thing too.
I force myself to get up and "spread the word" Don't let them get you down, keep a positive attitude and fight like you've never fought for anything before.
I will pray for you. Hang in there, something good will come out of all this.