Sunday, June 10, 2007

From gods mouth to your ears...V2K

I have had this phenomena performed on me many times over the years and always knew that it was some cheap theatrical trick to scare me.
I could not understand how this particular type of harassment was being carried out until now.
There are usually simple explanations for things that seem supernatural, knowing that, I did some research and here is what I have found:
First is The
Voice Only You Can Hear: DARPA's sonic projector , I've also stumbled across another site American Technology Corporation that calls their system hypersonic sound.
Another is Neurophone, notice their Logo,an Occult symbol ?
Almost always some sort of occult symbol is used in the company logos of those who are involved and for some strange reason it seems they like to tell on themselves by giving clues about who they are.
There are many more,the above is just a glimpse of what I've found.

From is an explanation of a voice to skull and other forms of electronic harassment I was so shocked after reading This article I had to stop writing because I felt sick to my stomach at the audacious criminality of the whole idea.
There are websites that promote and offer for sale this technology that seem innocuous at first glance no one would ever guess what this technology is being used for. This technology can be purchased by anyone.
knowing what I do now, it becomes apparent how dangerous this is and what the long term repercussions are. This technology is tantamount to the creation of the Atom bomb, and even though the co-creator Philip Morrison is now dead and was supposedly a "major voice of social conscience" it was a little too late once he let loose that kind of technology onto humanity and over to reprobate minds.
We cannot allow this to lurk in a dark corner waiting to be used against humanity.

This kind of technology is beyond dangerous and laws need to be enacted, that cannot be manipulated, that specifically prohibit their use of this technology as "crimes against humanity."
This is insidious torture and nothing less and

those who have have used this technology to torture need to be held accountable and punished for using it against any human being for any reason.
I cannot act as if this will just go away.
This must be stopped we cannot turn our heads, Attention must be brought to this.

Like the Nazis who
used laws,propaganda and violence to fight their “domestic enemies” killing millions, there are those who are perpetrating against us using "color of law" lies and torture to control and destroy just as many, if not more.
Those who survived Nazi Germany swore that they would never forget and this would never happen again.
Like those who suffered and survived Nazi Germany,we can never allow this to be forgotten and this can not continue... This has to be stopped.

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