Saturday, June 30, 2007

My mind belongs to GOD it is not for rent, lease or sale

I will treat any squatters in a manner befitting their ilk, SO GET LOST !!!!

Do not ever take another mans explanation as truth, it is up to every one of us to determine through exploration, the truth.
Their cover story is NAZI like in vision, but this is MUCH more sinister and in my opinion anyone who disagrees may eventually find out how right I am.

I am still not entirely convinced this is EMF or ELF radio waves "remote neural technology" or any other kind of microwave technology, the numbers don't make sense.
In essence this is just another numbers lie. There are too many of us to control that way, even a sophisticated MATRIX would take many, many years to create and implement to such a degree of coverage. It just ain't happening.
I believe those who are in control are telling huge lies about technology that isn't proved in order to dis inform

A postulation :

Here is a list of Government agency's that explain (supposedly) how this thing that we are calling organized stalking and electronic torture are being done, all in the name of "intelligence."
How is using covert domestic surveillance in OUR best interest and how do they feel that is lawfully respecting the Constitution, maybe as a LIVING BREATHING document ?
here is one of the intelligence programs: SIGINT
These people are so out of control. But there is just one thing, I do NOT believe that they can watch us all, all the time. They just don't have the capability. The bible tells us "For there will arise false christs and false prophets, and will show signs and wonders, that they may lead astray, if possible, even the chosen ones"
possibly by way of "intelligence" ?
wikipedia goes into an explanation of
Click on the link at the bottom of this page that says List of intelligence gathering disciplines for a complete list of intelligence finding programs.
I would like to point out one thing, we did not use this kind of covert technology on such a large scale until we got into problems with Iraq, remember SHOCK and AWE.
Biblical Iraq is Babylon.
There are also many Occult connections, a chilling one being this > U.S. LED FORCES LAUNCH MILITARY DASH TO 33RD NORTHERN PARALLEL -- BAGHDAD, IRAQ.
Illuminists believe that blood shed on or near 33rd parallel is ritually very powerful. This war joins the list of major historic events occurring at or near 33rd degree parallel If a life is taken close to the northern 33rd parallel, this fits with the Masons' demonic mythology in which they demonstrate their worldly powers by spilling human blood at a predetermined locale. Here once again is the "occult" connection.
Also the Ark of the Covenant was supposedly able to SHOCK (shock and awe)? or electrocute those who touched it, there is rumor that the Ark was some kind of radio receiver or even a small nuclear device. It made Hissing and cracking sounds and even on some accounts voices could be heard nearby. The ark was a guest of Babylon during the reign of King Nebuchadnezer, Sadam Hussein thought he was the King reincarnated and was in the process of rebuilding the ancient walled city of Babylon and had a great portion finished, There was a huge party thrown in which high ranking people from all over the world were invited including royalty, US government, and Other important people were shown some very "astonishing" things.
Aren't some of us being shocked and have we not been at least awed by what is going on. There is always that flitting connection, and remember the Illuminati like to tell on themselves
Obviously there is MUCH more to this then meets the eye, they wouldn't be doing this if for some unknown reason felt They could actually get away with it.

One of the major created things that pagans worship are Numbers. Occultists literally worship science and the mathematics underlying science; Numbers are a key to the ancient views of cosmogony ... spiritually as well as physically ... to the evolution of the present human race; all systems of religious mysticism are based upon numerals. The sacredness of numbers !
We are numbers, human beings all have a number (Excerpted from the cutting edge)

A connection : data mining for conrol purposes, do you remember the theft of Medicaid records, or the theft of TJ max credit cards and other information ?
Look here: SIGINT again we have "intelligence" signals essentially being numbers !
For a further explanation of how numbers within the "occult" work look here : Blood shed
I believe with my entire soul there is more to this than what we are being led to think. We are intentionally being led down the garden path. They Just aren't smart enough, especially if they need to depend on others to gather "information" to use against the rest of us: here is an extremely informative article
They are using something much more sinister against us which just makes them a BULLY ! The tactics are typical of a Type A personality, a sociopath.
But nonetheless a bully with real power, abused power, corrupted power, evil power.
The bible speaks of this kind of thing being done in the end times using "wonders" to "trick" us. However they are accomplishing this, I believe that this is only the beginning of what they plan to do. Along with something we aren't being told about, a power so terrible, that those who know of its existence are even afraid to speak about it out loud. They have the knowledge, technology and the manpower to do some very terrible things. It is to bad it all worked out this way, we could be doing so much better.
The truth is often hidden in plain site.
We can hope to make good changes in the world around us, we can fight the good fight but in the end only GOD can make everything right.

In the recent past I worked for a company that produced graphics for many company's including some of the major players. There was a "clean " room in the back of one of the warehouse areas that was "restricted" of course being the inquisitive guy I am, I had to take a look. What I found was a massive operation for the creation of RFID implants, I walked out and didn't look back.
Remember they will try to deceive us any way they can, if they cant use the chip they will find another way. I think it is just another way to trick humans into believing there is no way out and that it will just be easier to assimilate, or become one of them and in doing so unwittingly turn their backs on God. Remember in the beginning I said there were connections, put two and two together and you get four. They are going to use "miracles and wonders and all sorts of tricks to deceive mankind"

watch out for the wolf dressed in sheep's clothing !!!!

See also telemetry.
Vibrational forms of energy

Monday, June 25, 2007

Minor thereon

Is negative energy trying to steal our life source energy ??

In A recent letter to another target I said :

I looked at your site briefly today. I am also a target in NY. This is such an evil crime and we who are targeted need to stay close in touch with one another and to ensure that are stories are heard and NEVER forgotten. I am linking as many sites to my blog as possible and would like to know if I can link yours to mine below is the blog addy.
I have been doing a lot of reading on "negative" energy or the lack of "LIFE ENERGY" this is what can be assumed as an "occult" force. Meaning that if there is some energy)negative) it could literally be stealing our life force out of us, LITERALLY> Killing us leaving us as empty carcasses devoid of GOD GIVEN " life force."
Before I knew what was actually happening and could put a name and face to this evil being done to me, I would think that at least whoever is causing me this harm cant take my soul !!!! I am re-considering that assumption because so many have "committed self-murder".
I hope your ok, every time I come upon a new target I add them to my prayer list, is that ok with you ?
Thanks and take care Robert.

From an Interesting book> Secret life of plants:

"Human beings and all living things are filled with with a kind of energy that until recently hasn't been known to Western science. This bioenergy, which we call psychotronic energy, seems to be behind PK (psychokinesis); it may be the basis of dowsing. It may prove to be involved in all psychic happenings. The psychotronic generators draw this bioenergy from a person, accumulate it, and use it. Once charged with your energy, the generators can do some of the things a psychic can do."

EVIL PURPOSED/orgone accumulator

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

John Finch Mass Petition


There are multiple Mass Petitions that are urgently in need of signing.
We must have an "International" record of our sufferings.

Please take time to sign these petitions along with your case history and remember to use words that convey consistent, calm, coherent and orderly portrayals of what is happening.

There can be no dubious denial if we all stand together in a way that substantially shows the world that we demand to be noticed and taken seriously.
Here is a link to the site for the petitions : J.F. petitions

Thank you.

On the 6th of January this year, there was an unexplained fire in the den of my home. The fire burned the oak doorway trim around a connecting bathroom and a desk that held important papers and nothing else. The fire was put out before the fire department arrived, when they got here they checked to make sure the fire did not go in between the walls but the only area that shows where they checked was in a hole above the door way trim that was burned. It is strange that the hole was supposed to be in the wall and not the ceiling or that only two areas caught fire.
The police also came along and they were extremely nasty to me and my partner and for an unknown reason we were both threatened with arrest.
We were never at any time asked if we were ok or needed medical attention.
Later that day my partner left our house to stay with a relative over night and I decided to stay behind to make sure everything was ok, a few hours later I went into the den and the bathroom that is off the den to see if my medicine cabinet had been affected by the fire, which it had not been. I found a bottle of xanax that my doctor had prescribed for me and took 2 right away. The first thing that I thought of when I calmed down was a situation that had occurred two summers before where a neighbor came down to our home and started an argument with us she smashed a plate glass window and was arrested but later that day the local judge let her go. At midnight that same night the Judge somehow bypassed our answering machine and actually spoke VIA the telephone company operator and "demanded" our presence in his courtroom immediately. When we went he had a cop there and told us if we did not do as he said, we were going to have to "deal" with imprisonment. He told us to "keep our mouths shut about the neighbors" or else. He also added that not only was he a fireman for the local fire department but that he was also a "hazmat" technician and then said while he put his hand up into the air snapping his fingers "an old house like yours could go up into flames and burn down just like that".
I was very worried being alone after the fire. Because of the strong odor of smoke and the stuff that puts the fire out both my dog and myself were hacking and coughing. I decided to leave my home for my mothers and within 10 minutes of leaving my home I was stopped and falsely arrested for dui, I was berated, beaten and handcuffed so tightly that my hands above the wrists were blood red purple for 4 days after and I still have some numbness in them today.
I spent 7 days in jail, no one knew where I was. I could not get through to someone on my first 3 phone calls from the holding center and not until someone had figured out what happened to me did I get released on bail.
While I was in the holding center two sheriffs came into the area that I was in and pointed me out and within 1/2 hour every man (150) began to harass me, I was told repeatedly that when I come back after sentencing I would be killed, I was kicked, food trays were knocked out of my hands at every meal time, I was given many of the same tactics that are uses against me in street theater.
I am terrified to say the least, I go back for sentencing July 14, please all who pray and believe, pray for me for strength and courage.
I think it is important for everyone to know what kinds of things are being done to TI's and with me so that no one will forget any of us.
I pray for all of us everyday and that GOD will vindicate and allow us all to come out of this unharmed.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Gay and Targeted

To all who it may concern.
I have found that many "OS" sites quote and or mirror other sites and something I find disturbing is the references to homosexuals and criminals. This is being used in the context that the perpetrators are using lies about innocent victims being "homosexual or criminals" these references are unfair and cause those classes to be further targeted and looked down upon. Please understand that this is important to me especially because I identify with being a gay man, although I do not actively live that lifestyle. I am also a targeted individual and have been all of my life, I was born into this and have been tortured constantly. One of the ways I am harassed and tortured is to be arrested under "color of law" and
falsely charged with crimes or crimes that only gay people might be charged with this being called "rat fucking" and or baiting . This is only one way that I am being targeted but is the most painful, even more so then any DEW.
I believe that many gays are being targeted in this way and I am sure that this is so shameful to many that they will not speak about this aspect or come forward, I for one have to make it known that this is a horrible thing being done to me and that it is shame based targeting. The references to homosexuals and criminals make this seem as though it is acceptable to be targeted because we are bad and deserve to be tortured. No one deserves this, all human life is valuable even if the lifestyle is vehemently denounced.
Some targets are intentionally criminalized and then have those very crimes used against them as a way to further persecute and torture them.
I would greatly appreciate that it be known that even if someone has a criminal record or is homosexual that it is NOT ok to be used as a way to make the point known that people are being lied about in this way or to be targeted.
Those who are perpetrating crimes against humanity bank on using fear of those who are underclass,socially excluded, disenfranchised or who live alternate lifestyles and make it clear they should be the first to go, where does this persecution end and with whom ?

A Targeted Individual in New York

People historically, and currently are being "criminalize'd" as a way to subjugate and further abuse them.
This is something that is being done to me and why I feel so strongly about how we (all), targeted people are portrayed to anyone who might want to help us, we cannot afford any divisions.
I also think it is important to make those who are perpetrating against us realize that we are standing together.
There are power in numbers, as they say !

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Obedience to Authority: An Experiment

How many good Americans are there ?

The Milgram experiment :

After reading the above it seems like too many people no longer have a conscience.
I think what sets most targeted Individuals apart from the rest is that we aren't apathetic, we are NOT indifferent.
I for one would not ever allow myself to be a part of something so cruel,debased and inhumane. I will never just accept the inference that this is the nature of the times.

I found this
site , (A how to guide on harassment)by doing a search for subliminal torture, this is just getting worse by the day. I cannot believe how mentally aberrant humans have become. I know that most of my posts reveal my personal feelings and that I should spend more time finding ways to help. Hopefully along with my rants and the information I try to pool together is helping some one out there. I hope and pray to GOD that is the case, I spend hours reading through pages and pages of information in hopes of finding something worthy of contributing to my blog.
My hope is that as many people I can reach will find something of value I don't want this to be a fruitless waste of time.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

From gods mouth to your ears...V2K

I have had this phenomena performed on me many times over the years and always knew that it was some cheap theatrical trick to scare me.
I could not understand how this particular type of harassment was being carried out until now.
There are usually simple explanations for things that seem supernatural, knowing that, I did some research and here is what I have found:
First is The
Voice Only You Can Hear: DARPA's sonic projector , I've also stumbled across another site American Technology Corporation that calls their system hypersonic sound.
Another is Neurophone, notice their Logo,an Occult symbol ?
Almost always some sort of occult symbol is used in the company logos of those who are involved and for some strange reason it seems they like to tell on themselves by giving clues about who they are.
There are many more,the above is just a glimpse of what I've found.

From is an explanation of a voice to skull and other forms of electronic harassment I was so shocked after reading This article I had to stop writing because I felt sick to my stomach at the audacious criminality of the whole idea.
There are websites that promote and offer for sale this technology that seem innocuous at first glance no one would ever guess what this technology is being used for. This technology can be purchased by anyone.
knowing what I do now, it becomes apparent how dangerous this is and what the long term repercussions are. This technology is tantamount to the creation of the Atom bomb, and even though the co-creator Philip Morrison is now dead and was supposedly a "major voice of social conscience" it was a little too late once he let loose that kind of technology onto humanity and over to reprobate minds.
We cannot allow this to lurk in a dark corner waiting to be used against humanity.

This kind of technology is beyond dangerous and laws need to be enacted, that cannot be manipulated, that specifically prohibit their use of this technology as "crimes against humanity."
This is insidious torture and nothing less and

those who have have used this technology to torture need to be held accountable and punished for using it against any human being for any reason.
I cannot act as if this will just go away.
This must be stopped we cannot turn our heads, Attention must be brought to this.

Like the Nazis who
used laws,propaganda and violence to fight their “domestic enemies” killing millions, there are those who are perpetrating against us using "color of law" lies and torture to control and destroy just as many, if not more.
Those who survived Nazi Germany swore that they would never forget and this would never happen again.
Like those who suffered and survived Nazi Germany,we can never allow this to be forgotten and this can not continue... This has to be stopped.

Working for Lesbian,Gay,Bisexual and Transgender Equal Rights.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Ayahuasca and aiwass

There is a direct connection to a Fraternal Order and my Psychological torment, but this began many years before. I have finally concluded after much research that I was born into this evil thing, and that this didn't just begin at some point. I firmly believe that this is the case with most of us.
I believe that there are those who have covertly taken over our government who have an allegiance not to America nor any country ,although America has been the birthing ground for this evil to materialize, but to a one world order.
This has not been only concluded by myself, it just becomes self evident after a lot of searching to see what is going on. God has led me thus far, I am positive that he has a plan for me. It is often difficult for me to be exacting and clear about what I am trying to get across as a result of my mind being constantly "worked" I do not know yet how this is being done, I did however come across some very interesting information about a group of drugs that can cause hallucinations, and is purportedly capable of creating "telepathic" currents.
(93) "Ayahuasca" and aiwass is a search I did for a similarity I discovered in these two words, you would need to be aware of who aiwass was in order to understand the connection, suffice it to say that this confirms my suspicions of the "occult" connections, the NWO and those who are behind this. One final thing I am going to add here for now is that one of the ways I am tormented is by Rogue Law Enforcement, A scare tactic that was "psychically" instilled in me from the beginning to use rogue police to subjugate and terrorize me. I recognized early on that there is a connection to the "occult" and Law Enforcement by the use of the pentagram, and the unicursal hexagram that they use as their badge and shield. For example California uses an inverted obtuse heptagram on its Law Enforcement badge.
This particular symbol is used in the Jewish Kabbalah and and also by the Fraternal Order the O.T.O or Ordo Templi Orientis where it was known as the star of Babylon.
This star represents "occult knowledge"
Those who organized the NWO or One world Order created amongst other things the branches of Law Enforcement as a way to control the people so they could not ever object to what they were doing and if they did they were captured( kidnapped) held in jail (held captive against there will) and would have to pay bail in many cases (ransom) and then possibly face criminal charges and confinement (scarlet letter and punishment) this is just another way that the monied elite has held society captive by way of bribery in this case paying high fees (crime money,organized crime,money laundering and corruption) to thugs who are willing to use the power given to them to do keep anyone from getting to close to the truth. These things are all anathema to Gods' natural law or laws of logic and represent a demoniacally inspired lie.
I refuse to pander to mean,evil, unprincipled reprobates.

parallels of evil in a universe of so much good or in other words they get you both comming and going

I have been trying to get Medicaid for over a year, I keep getting denied because I cant get to the local social service office during the hours they want me to be there. I live nearly 40 miles from them and I do not have anyone to help me get there. My partner works until 4 each day. I have requested a phone interview which I was told that could be done but for some reason they will not make an exception for me. I am also getting the same cold hostile attitude from these and every person I deal with to get myself some help. I have tried to speak with about 15 different agencies and 30 people and not one of them will help me. They all have the same cold hostility towards me. The behavior is actually abusive, sometimes these people will actually snicker as if to tell me that they want me to know what is going on and when I have tried to make complaints I get the same treatment form those who are in positions of authority to help. I do not know how this is being accomplished, but I am not stupid enough to believe that is this is just coincidental. Somehow the perpetrators have orchestrated this to such an extant that no matter where I go or who I speak to they already "know me" and give me the treatment. This is so evil and I am angry and feel hatred for these people. I spend an hour and a half each day praying and reciting 20 pages of Bible quotes that pertain to ones enemies and for protection. I feel as if God has turned his back on me and I am literally begging for help or intercession or just a real live human being who will at the very least just listen to me. I feel so sad and helpless and I wasn't going to come back here and post again and keep thinking that I have been followed here too. I cant trust anyone, and I know they know this. The fear I have of knowing that even before I start out to do something it has already been "fixed" I do not want anyone here to think for one second this is the rantings of someone who has made a mountain out of a molehill. This is so much bigger than I can even begin to explain, and I cannot for the life of me understand why God would allow this to happen for even one day. This is torture in such a way that the pain even though it cannot be measured in the form of a bruise, broken bone or a cut, hurts more than I can tell. I am in constant pain, my body feels racked all the time. I am young and healthy but I feel sharp pains and feel lethargic and sore all over with no explanation. My partner has a very good job with the Government, he is at times abusive towards me and tells me that I am crazy, and at other times I have asked him if he realizes what is happening to me and he will get a look of sadness on his face and tell me yes. I have no where to go, and this place I call home is the only place that I have for now. I am a captive in my home, this is like being in a NAZI concentration camp. I fear that this is going to get much worse, I can feel it. I read that those who are doing this kind of torture can read minds somehow and that the targets are usually psychic, I do feel like I can sense something bad coming. I know I am not insane, I know that this is all to break me, but I don't know if I can take this for much longer. Where is God, why would God let something this evil happen. Even physical torture victims get a break by passing out and those who are tortured to death eventually die. This has been going on for 20 years, when will this end ? I feel like someone will try and kill me and no one will even notice or care. This is the most evil thing, I never could have imagined that his world was so hateful and vicious. These are my words, these are my feelings, I am not being dramatic this is frightening me so bad my heart beats so hard all the time. I want God to punish those who are doing this and I want to watch while he does. Doesn't that sound sick ?

What is happening, I wish I had a definitive answer to make this all make sense. Nothing I can imagine could ever be this evil and corrupt in the sense of the corruption of a humans soul, This is exactly what makes me think that this is somehow biblical.