Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Obedience to Authority: An Experiment

How many good Americans are there ?

The Milgram experiment :

After reading the above it seems like too many people no longer have a conscience.
I think what sets most targeted Individuals apart from the rest is that we aren't apathetic, we are NOT indifferent.
I for one would not ever allow myself to be a part of something so cruel,debased and inhumane. I will never just accept the inference that this is the nature of the times.

I found this
site , (A how to guide on harassment)by doing a search for subliminal torture, this is just getting worse by the day. I cannot believe how mentally aberrant humans have become. I know that most of my posts reveal my personal feelings and that I should spend more time finding ways to help. Hopefully along with my rants and the information I try to pool together is helping some one out there. I hope and pray to GOD that is the case, I spend hours reading through pages and pages of information in hopes of finding something worthy of contributing to my blog.
My hope is that as many people I can reach will find something of value I don't want this to be a fruitless waste of time.

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