Monday, June 25, 2007

Minor thereon

Is negative energy trying to steal our life source energy ??

In A recent letter to another target I said :

I looked at your site briefly today. I am also a target in NY. This is such an evil crime and we who are targeted need to stay close in touch with one another and to ensure that are stories are heard and NEVER forgotten. I am linking as many sites to my blog as possible and would like to know if I can link yours to mine below is the blog addy.
I have been doing a lot of reading on "negative" energy or the lack of "LIFE ENERGY" this is what can be assumed as an "occult" force. Meaning that if there is some energy)negative) it could literally be stealing our life force out of us, LITERALLY> Killing us leaving us as empty carcasses devoid of GOD GIVEN " life force."
Before I knew what was actually happening and could put a name and face to this evil being done to me, I would think that at least whoever is causing me this harm cant take my soul !!!! I am re-considering that assumption because so many have "committed self-murder".
I hope your ok, every time I come upon a new target I add them to my prayer list, is that ok with you ?
Thanks and take care Robert.

From an Interesting book> Secret life of plants:

"Human beings and all living things are filled with with a kind of energy that until recently hasn't been known to Western science. This bioenergy, which we call psychotronic energy, seems to be behind PK (psychokinesis); it may be the basis of dowsing. It may prove to be involved in all psychic happenings. The psychotronic generators draw this bioenergy from a person, accumulate it, and use it. Once charged with your energy, the generators can do some of the things a psychic can do."

EVIL PURPOSED/orgone accumulator

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