Friday, June 15, 2007

Gay and Targeted

To all who it may concern.
I have found that many "OS" sites quote and or mirror other sites and something I find disturbing is the references to homosexuals and criminals. This is being used in the context that the perpetrators are using lies about innocent victims being "homosexual or criminals" these references are unfair and cause those classes to be further targeted and looked down upon. Please understand that this is important to me especially because I identify with being a gay man, although I do not actively live that lifestyle. I am also a targeted individual and have been all of my life, I was born into this and have been tortured constantly. One of the ways I am harassed and tortured is to be arrested under "color of law" and
falsely charged with crimes or crimes that only gay people might be charged with this being called "rat fucking" and or baiting . This is only one way that I am being targeted but is the most painful, even more so then any DEW.
I believe that many gays are being targeted in this way and I am sure that this is so shameful to many that they will not speak about this aspect or come forward, I for one have to make it known that this is a horrible thing being done to me and that it is shame based targeting. The references to homosexuals and criminals make this seem as though it is acceptable to be targeted because we are bad and deserve to be tortured. No one deserves this, all human life is valuable even if the lifestyle is vehemently denounced.
Some targets are intentionally criminalized and then have those very crimes used against them as a way to further persecute and torture them.
I would greatly appreciate that it be known that even if someone has a criminal record or is homosexual that it is NOT ok to be used as a way to make the point known that people are being lied about in this way or to be targeted.
Those who are perpetrating crimes against humanity bank on using fear of those who are underclass,socially excluded, disenfranchised or who live alternate lifestyles and make it clear they should be the first to go, where does this persecution end and with whom ?

A Targeted Individual in New York

People historically, and currently are being "criminalize'd" as a way to subjugate and further abuse them.
This is something that is being done to me and why I feel so strongly about how we (all), targeted people are portrayed to anyone who might want to help us, we cannot afford any divisions.
I also think it is important to make those who are perpetrating against us realize that we are standing together.
There are power in numbers, as they say !


Anonymous said...

Probably at Armagaddon. ATI also..

TI from New York said...

Thanks for you comment,I am praying for all of us.
We are in a battle, a spiritual war. Never has mankind been so depraved as now.