Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Ayahuasca and aiwass

There is a direct connection to a Fraternal Order and my Psychological torment, but this began many years before. I have finally concluded after much research that I was born into this evil thing, and that this didn't just begin at some point. I firmly believe that this is the case with most of us.
I believe that there are those who have covertly taken over our government who have an allegiance not to America nor any country ,although America has been the birthing ground for this evil to materialize, but to a one world order.
This has not been only concluded by myself, it just becomes self evident after a lot of searching to see what is going on. God has led me thus far, I am positive that he has a plan for me. It is often difficult for me to be exacting and clear about what I am trying to get across as a result of my mind being constantly "worked" I do not know yet how this is being done, I did however come across some very interesting information about a group of drugs that can cause hallucinations, and is purportedly capable of creating "telepathic" currents.
(93) "Ayahuasca" and aiwass is a search I did for a similarity I discovered in these two words, you would need to be aware of who aiwass was in order to understand the connection, suffice it to say that this confirms my suspicions of the "occult" connections, the NWO and those who are behind this. One final thing I am going to add here for now is that one of the ways I am tormented is by Rogue Law Enforcement, A scare tactic that was "psychically" instilled in me from the beginning to use rogue police to subjugate and terrorize me. I recognized early on that there is a connection to the "occult" and Law Enforcement by the use of the pentagram, and the unicursal hexagram that they use as their badge and shield. For example California uses an inverted obtuse heptagram on its Law Enforcement badge.
This particular symbol is used in the Jewish Kabbalah and and also by the Fraternal Order the O.T.O or Ordo Templi Orientis where it was known as the star of Babylon.
This star represents "occult knowledge"
Those who organized the NWO or One world Order created amongst other things the branches of Law Enforcement as a way to control the people so they could not ever object to what they were doing and if they did they were captured( kidnapped) held in jail (held captive against there will) and would have to pay bail in many cases (ransom) and then possibly face criminal charges and confinement (scarlet letter and punishment) this is just another way that the monied elite has held society captive by way of bribery in this case paying high fees (crime money,organized crime,money laundering and corruption) to thugs who are willing to use the power given to them to do keep anyone from getting to close to the truth. These things are all anathema to Gods' natural law or laws of logic and represent a demoniacally inspired lie.
I refuse to pander to mean,evil, unprincipled reprobates.

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