Friday, July 13, 2007

Shopping day

Today was like any Friday, a day that I do not look forward to.

I do my shopping on Fridays to buy enough food and supplies for me, my partner and our three pets.

I first stop at the local dollar store and then on to a local farmers market and deli, and from there to the major food store for the name brand things we like.

On the way we had almost every car pull out in front of us when there was always at least time to do so way before we got near those pulling out. I knew right away it was going to be "one of those days"

I notice a car I recognized as one who is always traveling when I do, and they were the first to pull out in front of us. It is a beat up white car and the face was of one who I see often.

I will be watching for this particular PERP and his soon to be new purchase of a brand new car, compliments the NWO, his payment for being a good perp.

Today I was accosted by a woman, her pri-man-mate and future perp to be, baby.

The three actually blocked my entrance to the store with their bodies and baby carriage.

I realized they were probably fitting the baby out with a car seat and I am sure that anyone with a baby on hand is already exhausted with everything so I waited patiently for about 5 minutes, when they didn't look up at me or even acknowledge me waiting politely said excuse me, no acknowledgment. I waited for a minute or so and again "excused myself" again no response.

HMM, TI getting a bit nervous thinking to himself " OH GOD NO" don't involve a baby, well they still didn't notice me and yes the baby was involved. The pickled punk farted as I started to speak again, SUCH manners. typical of perp behavior instead of clearing his throat he farted...


I again excused myself but this time the mother looked up at me and said as loud as she could GET THE F*CK OUT OF MY FACE....
HUH ?????? TI mad now.... TI Bites Tongue... TI curses perp baby, fat mama and farmer Poppa, quietly and to himself.

I move past them and as I move away the Daddy puts his hands in limp wrist mode and says something with a sarcastic slur, I ignore him but he goes on to say Ill kill you, you F*cking fagot..

TI nervous now saying to himself.... shhh don't say a word keep moving PERP is really whacked and just might do it.

Moral to the story, everyone might not be a perp, but then again things are getting bad. I think Ill get some mace.

DISCLAIMER: TI is not a flaming queen.

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