Monday, July 9, 2007

Open Letter to the Perpetuators of Organized Stalking and Electromagnetic Harassment

To those who are implementing the CRIMES of electro-magnetic torture and Organized stalking, community based harassment and other wrongful behaviors on behalf of anyone including any Government agency:

You have been found out, we know that what you are doing is wrong and so do you. The evidence against you is building and the facts are undeniable. There is "NO WAY OUT" for you. This is going to turn on you unless you take a stand and do what is right.

You have no right to torture another human for any reason.
If out of threat of personal harm to you or your loved ones, you could not stand up for yourselves I personally forgive you.

That does not mean you are free to continue and you will eventually have to answer for the part you have played.

If you have been threatened and tortured to become a part of this then you must know the terrible things that are being done to the rest of us.
I can tell you that if we can live with this and survive, you can too.

Don't be part of this hateful and evil crime against humanity.

It is only a matter of time before those who have created this plan to "get rid of" those who are deemed "undesirable" are brought to justice.
We, who are being targeted will not stand quietly by and allow this to be ignored or forgotten.
Those who are behind this will be PUNISHED SEVERELY by the LAWS that govern human rights EVERYWHERE in this world.

Every act and deed that has been done against us will be made known to the entire world and this will NEVER be forgotten, do you want to be known in history as a monster ?

No matter what you have been told what you are doing is immoral, criminal, against the law and just plain wrong.

Do the world good, redeem yourself.
Tell on those who are doing this and turn others in.

Don't be afraid, if we can survive this, so can you !!

"The people that Nazi cops manipulate stand to lose their freedom and financial security because of dirty cops.
That’s a high price to pay for dirty cops wanting to show how powerful they think they are "

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