Tuesday, July 10, 2007

How someone who DOES NOT work afford a brand new Chevrolet Cavalier

Aside from the usual community based harassment and stalking, I have to cope with the loud mouthed, alcoholic neighbors and their 3 sons. They have made life here in the village I live in a living hell. They are living in a huge house that has at least 6 bedrooms extending over 2 1/1 stories.
The wife works part-time during the school year as a lunch cook and at Walmart for the rest of the year. Walmart only offers part-time work, she could not make more than 8.00 an hour at either job and the husband is usually unemployed.

The oldest son a weirdo who walks with a very strange forward lurch and looks EXTREMEY paranoid, is a volunteer fireman.
I think he may also be a weekend warrior or army reserve, he walks around the village wearing some strange uniform/fatigues and sometimes wears a tight fitting Boston fire dept t-shirt tucked into a pair of tight fitting jeans.

Anyway, not one of these people work full time. There are 6 people living in this huge house and I CANNOT see how they pay all their bills and have enough money left over to buy food or pay for health care for 3 young sons and 3 adults let alone a BRAND SPANKIN NEW Chevy cavalier with a sticker price of 19,700.00

I am positive that the weird older son is using some kind of DEW on us.
We have had numerous problems with these people and their friends and other family members getting involved in harassing us. The local sheriffs and Police REFUSE to do anything and have threatened me in their behalf on several occasions.

The neighbors have cut down expensive landscaping, poured some kind of liquid onto shrubs that died within days, pulled out other plants by the roots. The area next to the accessible part of our property has dead grass along one stretch that
only they can get to.

4 of our cars have had tires cut, gas lines cut, break lines cut. All these are accessible to them at night from their property. I now lock my truck in my mini-barn at night.
They throw toilet paper that has been used to wipe something that looks like feces into my vegetable garden. Things like pop, bear and vodka bottles are a weekly pickup for me, compliments of the nasty NAZI neighbors from hell.

Thy use their kids to ride back in forth in front of my house on skateboards flipping them up into the air making a loud clacking sound when they hit the ground, or go back and forth across the sidewalk cracks making a constant rattling noise. They ride back and forth on bikes wearing backpacks while on cell phones cameras in hand.

They invite about 20-30 other kids down to my end of the street scream and holler making comments that seem to be about each other, but are clearly aimed at me and my partner, some of these things are: "HEY, YOU, C-CK S-CKER" "YOU G-D D-MMED FAGGOT" "I'LL KILL YOU "YOU F-CKING FAGGOT" the police in this village have actually been here to hear this, and STILL don't do a thing.


We have had butcher knives and other sharp metal objects thrown onto the lawn in front and the sides of our home. I know they have a police scanner and I beleive they also have other technical equipment that may be loaned to them from the fire dept that they use to harass and monitor us. These people also have their friends perform constant noise campaigns on us. The youngest son who is about 12 uses a boom box in the backyard and plays German HATE music thats states "WE WILL KILL YOU" repeatedly and also walks back and forth in front of our home making slashed throat signs or pretends to have a rifle or machine gun in his arms pointed at our home making riveting machine gun sounds.

These people are truly evil just as the rest of this village is evil, anyone that has not ever spoken out against this is just as bad.

I am making a permanent record of this for the future,
for all to see so that this NAZI behavior IS NEVER EVER FORGOTTEN.

SHAME on the police, SHAME on the sheriffs, SHAME on this village, SHAME on the people, SHAME on the UNITED STATES. If GOD has ever blessed this country he has taken it all back, THIS COUNTRY HAS DOOMED ITSELF by these very types of criminal behaviors.

If it were not for the fact that they have treated us with such disrespect and contempt from the very beginning, I would not have noticed a new car. But since they have THROWN themselves into my face and have done nothing but make trouble, lie, and cause more people to harass us I now feel it is my duty to find out where this EXTRA income is from.
if anyone has some pointers on how I can report this unsubstantiated income please let me know. I am nearly POSITIVE they are NOT paying taxes.

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