Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day Trouble makers

I was outside enjoying the sunny day doing lawn and yard work. I spend a lot of time working on my gardens, I usually try to get outside early before the Perpazoids start their rounds. I took time out to go to a local nursery to buy some new plants and got back and planted them immediately. I came inside and took a bath and began my daily prayers afterwards. About 25 minutes into my prayers my dog started barking really loud and I could hear my partner go to the door. I didn't hear the conversation. But eventually he came up stairs to where I was and said that the police had just been there asking if I had been taking pictures of the neighbors, He said no and the cop said he had to ask and then said goodbye and left.
I do NOT understand why a cop would do this in the first place, they must know it is not against the law to take someone's picture. But these are the same people who have made trouble in the past. Their kid has twice threatened my life, and was escorted by the local police chief to the local justice of the peace only to have that same justice tell the chief of police to bring the kid back down to my place and apologize. THAT was it,an apolgy for threatening my life. The kids was about 15 at the time and this was 2 years ago. When I came downstairs I was upset because I know it is not against the law to take ANYONES picture. I went outside to look down the street to where the town hall is to see if the cop was there so I could go down and ask him what was going on, he wasn't there. About 10 minutes later the cop car pulled up to the house on the cross street where the trouble makers live and they all gathered around the cop car, including one woman who rents an apartment directly across from me. She and her Boyfriend and two girls always make it a point to give me dirty looks and have continually ignored my friendly hellos or waves. I didn't know why until tonight. The same people who make the trouble rent in one apartment house, the guys wife or girlfriend rents in a apartment across the street from my house (they are supposedly separated) and which is supposed to be for senior citizens only. The guy spends much of his time at a another house across from his apartment between his apartment and his wife/girlfriend and now the other woman who didn't fit into the picture until tonight turns out to be the other neighbors daughter. The cop then left the house and my partner called our older neighbor to ask her if she saw any of what was happening, in the meanwhile the cop pulled into the post office parking lot and the two troublemakers walked down the end of the street to my end and over to the side walk in front of my house, while the other neighbors kid rode his bike back and forth. It was apparent that they were looking for some kind of reaction as the cop watched on. The cops are obviously not doing the job their supposed to do. If they were they would have told those people to mind their own business and that it wasn't against the law to take pictures. He wouldn't have sat in his car watching as those people came to my side of the street directly in front of my house going back and forth after they made a complaint about me without realizing they were doing something wrong and telling them to leave me alone.

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