Thursday, May 10, 2007

Perpazoids in the neighborhood

Perpazoids: I have been constantly harassed by neighborhood perpazoids, many of whom are the locals children. They use young boys around the ages of between 6-17 to ride past my house almost constantly on skate boards. They will stop in front and flip the skate board making a loud clacking sound. Now they are using motorized scooters to ride back and forth in front. They almost always have cameras and cell phones, many use backpacks. I don't know what the backpacks are for because it is after school hours. I asked a kid today if he was from around the neighborhood and he said yes, as I was asking, another kid rode by on a motorized scooter and I asked the first kid if he knew him, he said "No" I never saw him before. Another new tactic is to drive by late at night and honk horns, before it was just one car after another with boom boxes and sub woofers cranked up to a level that made my windows rattle. One kid lives at the other end of my street and drives a silver car, newer.
I don't think he can afford to drive a car like this.
His whole family is driving new cars and they had a new garage built last fall. Their house is newly sided and roofed. They are volunteer firefighters and have all the bells and whistles on their automobiles. I have read that firefighters,emts and rogue law enforcement are some of the worst perps because they use their positions to do illegal activity.
I wonder if the IRS knows that there seems to be an unusual amount of expendable money flying around these parts. I will be posting pictures of perpazoid activity soon along with photos of their cars and homes. I will expose this as what it is and am making a permanent record for all the world to see what a horrible and evil neighborhood I am living in. This Village will never live this down ! I hope and pray that God will forgive, but I wont forget this EVER !!!


mara said...

Yes, similar with my stalking, with the use of "children", also driving behind me, passing me by with an "attitude", these "parasites" in the works to become criminals in short time, already poisoned with evil and pervertion, thanks for mentioning this in your blog, most of targets are getting stalked with the use "now" of children, but all of this 'pervertion" is mention also in the Bible, "the last times, Science (technology??) will advance rapidly, and in the end... "Sodoma and Gomorra" will prevail until the Mesia comes...Stayed strong, in the end evil will be defeat...keep up with the good work in exposing this atrocities..

TI from New York said...

Yes Mara I whole heartedly agree with your statements. I too believe hat this is Evil and I also believe that this is demoniacally inspired and CAN be defeated. When I look at these kids I can see a look of such hatred and defiance,it is scary to know that they have been delivered over to the other side.

I pray every day and cover EVERYTHING with the Blood of the Savior Jesus Christ.