Saturday, April 28, 2007

TI in New York

This is going to be my first Blog about being a TI or "Targeted Individual."
For those who aren't familiar with this term I suggest doing a "Google" search for Targeted Individual also try: Gang, Cause, Vigilante Stalked/ing.
For many years I felt like I just had "bad luck", as others who are TIs have also thought. But after doing some research on the internet I began to put the pieces together and see now that this is not merely coincidence or bad luck. One of my objectives here is to speak of my own experiences and to document daily "incidences." I have absolutely no intentions of standing quietly by. I believe that there is power in numbers, and that if I can reach anyone with this blog I will have strengthened our numbers.

Stalking of any kind is done by sick people. Gang, cause or vigilante stalking is being done by people,groups and some say state sponsorship for seemingly different reasons. No matter what the reason is, we must remember that any kind of behavior that is stalking related is WRONG and ILLEGAL no matter who is perpetuating or condoning it.
The use of fear,bullying or stalking as a tactic to control anyone is called terrorism. WE MUST fearlessly stand together and be acknowledged.

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